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 This website was initially created to outline the problems that people have experienced with windows on the A3 and A6 range of vehicles. It seems that the plastic clips that hold the glass onto the regulator mechanism are prone to breaking. In turn the glass tends to either lift or drop out of alignment and then jams.

In order to cure this problem, there are various options. The most expensive way is to replace the entire window regulator mechanism which can cost in the region of £75 - 100. The cheapest (but unreliable) way is to try gluing the old clips back together, although if this works at all it will probably only be for a short time. The best was of fixing the fault is to just replace the clips. New clips are available on ebay for around £15, and these ones are improved compared to the original ones supplied with the car. Audi window Clips on ebay


How to fit the clips

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